Live to (trail) run. (Trail) run to live. Tour de Trails is simply a dream turned to elaborate plan that allows Chris Ord to make a living by trail running. I mean, if it can be done, why not?

Having spent the best part of fifteen years working as a journalist, mostly in adventure travel, Chris has roamed the globe in search of'story' for a range of magazines. He has filed stories ranging from mountain biking with the Godfathers of the sport on hallowed turf in California, to completing the first ever circumnavigation by kayak of Norfolk Island. Don't be impressed - it was only 50km or so.

This is the same distance he ran alongside famed ultramarathoner, Dean Karnazes, to get a profile. At that stage he'd not run further than 14km in his life. It was the beginning of the beginning. Chris promptly took up trail running, his impetus more about exploring wilderness through running, than competing. He established Trail Run Mag, Australasia's first publication devoted to the dirty art, a publication that focuses on the trail running lifestyle and is downloaded by up to 10,000 readers every quarter.

Concurrently, Chris was (and remains) a founding partner of Adventure Types, a consultancy specialising in assisting tourism organisations to develop adventure tourism strategy and product. In this capacity Chris assisted in developing, designing and curating the popular Trail Run Fest, a three day trail running festival held in Victoria, along with Seasons of Pain, a trail run and mountain bike duathlon, and Kids Adventure Fest, which included trail running for kids.

Commissioned by Tourism North East (Victoria) to assist in the development of its 7PeaksRun campaign, Chris originated the proprietary trail audit and grading system, TrailScore, used to rate trails specifically for runners. The system was then employed by the likes of Mount Buller Alpine Resort to grade a suite of trails with the aim of creating mapping, signage and guide properties to encourage trail runners into the Alps - the result: Run Buller. This also led to designing and hosting familiarisations for other media and journalists wanting to write about trail running.

Chris is the founder and Race Director of the Surf Coast Trail Marathon, held on Victoria's famous Surf Coast, Australia. Lacking the dominant A-Type 'racer' predisposition himself, Chris concentrates his love of trail on simply running through the natural environment as a means of exploration and reaching beautiful, remote places. He has run in numerous trail events and undertaken expedition runs across the globe. This, of course, has led him to establish Tour de Trails...



Can you be over-qualified in the outdoors? Common sense says no, but Tegyn's CV suggests he may just tip the scales.

Tegyn studied Multimedia Design, T.E.S.O.L. and Language (Spanish) and Applied Linguistics at Griffith University, grabbed some experience in Chile and then sought out logistics experience with DHL and Schenker.  He then joined the Australian Army Reserve andwas commissioned as a Lieutenant, hopped a technical mountaineering course in the NZ Alps, studied Wilderness First Aid, travelled to Nepal for a high-altitude mountaineering expedition and, on the Kokoda trail, got his first taste of the outdoor industry, resulting in a traineeship and Cert.III/Cert.IV in Outdoor Recreation with the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) and the Western Institute of TAFE. 

Tegyn’s outdoor career has since included an ongoing work with OEG, freelance work with various Australian outdoor education providers and extensive experience with World Challenge Australia (over 10, month-long developing-world expeditions, product development and risk assessment, incident response, staff training and assessment). He also works with the world-renowned National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), leading remote backpacking expeditions in the NZ Backcountry.

In 2014 Tegyn became a Wilderness First Aid instructor with Survive First Aid and through his company, Wildplans, offers a range of boutique trail running expeditions in a similar manner to Tour de Trails

That's the logistics and outdoor experience, but what about the running? Tegyn ran his first ultramarathon (WildEndurance, 100km) in 2009 and has now run over 20 trail ultramarathons (including the brutal Northburn miler in NZ) as well as a number of shorter trail marathons and races.

Tegyn is also an Associate Editor of Trail Run Mag and 2014 will run the Ultra Trail du Mont Fuji and the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.