Awesome ideas don't become awesome adventures without awesome partners. Here are the dream builders who fuel our running fires. We reckon you should check them out and connect...


WILDPLANS - tour partner

Wildplans, led by experienced ultra runner Tegyn Angel, is our partner in wild adventure run dreaming and doing. Wildplans partners with Tour de Trails to help plan, implement and guide our tours internationally (and vice versa - Tour de trails assists on many of its outings). We scour maps together, we imagine sweet single track together, and we work damn hard to get us and you out there into the field of adventure, running through exotic landscapes, running wild. 

Ex-Army Reserve, Tegyn is a long time professional in the outdoor industry with technical mountaineering courses, Wilderness First Aid Instructor accreditation and Cert.III/Cert.IV in Outdoor Recreation courses just some of his many qualifications.  He has worked with various outdoor education providers managing developing-world expeditions, product development and risk assessment, incident response, staff training and assessment. He also works with the world-renowned National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), leading remote backpacking expeditions . Tegyn ran his first ultramarathon (WildEndurance, 100km) in 2009 and has now run over 20 trail ultramarathons (including top 100 placings in UTMB and UTMF). Tegyn is also an Associate Editor of Trail Run Mag and 2014 will run the Ultra Trail du Mont Fuji and the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.


Flight Centre Active Travel is a division of Flight Centre that specialises in Active Travel packages, including confirmed tour placements on our international active tours. They are specialists in managing holidays for those who seek a little more challenge, a lot more activity and even a little adventure in their holiday journeys. A natural match for us, then.  TdT/Wildplans does not arrange flights as part of our packages - we're no experts in how to squeeze the best deal deal from international and domestic flights, so we leave that to these guys on your behalf, as they do know how to! You can also book your tour through AFC to access a preferred pricing schedule on all of our tours. Check them out at: 

For further details contact Josh Groke, Business & Travel Manager on t: 03 9026 3045 e: 

SEA TO SUMMIT - gear partner

Our runs aren't your typical short and sharp, pack your sneakers and rely on the aid station kinda trail runs. No. They are adventures. Journeys. Multiday missions through wild and sometimes extreme environments (a la the Bhutanese Himalayas!). And for true adventure like ours - even considering the use we throw in as part of our shtick - you need proper gear that does its job well, is reliable and comfortable. When t comes to all our tech, camp and sleeping gear, there is no other brand like Sea to Summit. Known for their breadth of adventure kit offerings across all adventure and outdoor pursuits, their cupboard full of goodies has plenty to offer the adventure runner. From own brand items, like their best in class sleeping bags and mats, to trusted brands they distribute the likes of Black Diamond (run poles, lightweight sleep shelters, headlamps), Camelbak (hydration packs and bottles), Backcountry (lightweight meals on the run)  and JetBoiler (cooking stove), their range covers the gamut of what's required to undertake a safe adventure run. We high recommend all their gear for its innovation and pure quality. Check out Sea to Summit and all its rep brands at: and


The state-of-the-art simulation facilities at MAT bring the exclusive benefits of altitude training to a comfortable, convenient, and affordable city location in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

The simulated altitude training space at MAT cultivates an oxygen-adjusted environment that mimics the same atmospherics you experience at high-altitudes. Designed and controlled to gradually and safely acclimatise your body to working more efficiently, you get faster results and much-improved performance at regular environments. For those undertaking any of our high altitude running expeditions, it's the perfect accessible training ground to ensure you get more enjoyment and less risk of altitude-related issues while on tour. Melbourne Altitude Training is the largest privately accessible facility of its kind in Victoria. 

MAT is the vision of world-class physical trainer Ozgur Begen. His proven track record in internationally competitive athletics includes track and field, pole vaulting, gymnastics, weightlifting and team sports. He has over 20 years experience coaching and training, including previous professional engagements at the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS), University of Melbourne and Grand Hyatt Melbourne City Club. Oz is passionate about helping every person maximize their potential. His creative approach to training has motivated people of all ages and fitness levels. Oz has a degree in Applied Science and his evidence-based approach uses proven techniques to drive success. MAT is the realisation of Ozgur’s dream to make the benefits of altitude training accessible to everyone.

GOOD FUEL Co. - nutrition partner

The Good Fuel Co. is our one-stop-shop for delicious, wholesome energy and protein bars for athletes and adventurers - especially adventure runners. Which is what we and our clients are! 

All GFC products are gluten-free and non-GMO, and all have a certain attitude that we like: earthy, real, a little different, with some zest and beyond the form, they function...they do what they need to do (fuel you) when you're out on the trail, be that a short fun run or a long expedition adventure, like our Bhutan trip.

They stock awesome bar brands the likes of Raw Bite, Thunderbird Energetica, Zing and Gather, plus the chia-based energy gel, Huma. Go get some...