Tour de Trails takes you on wild journeys along the finest singletrack there is to be run in the world, specialising in luxe multiday, non-competitive trail running adventures. Set itineraries or allow us to customise and curate your trail experience.

Tour de Trails' mission is to explore wild and wondrous environments worldwide by running through them, uncovering legendary stories of running feats throughout history, and retracing pilgrimage routes across the globe. Simply..."adventures in running".


is a new concept in the enjoyment of running (and sometimes cycling) through wild places. Essentially we run multi day trail running tours that explore some of the world's most unique and stunning landscapes. We make running adventures that would otherwise be impossible, possible.

Now, we love the idea of stepping through stunning patches of wilderness in exotic places, pushing ourselves that little, tiring the body, extracting a little more from tired muscles, while breathing in crisp air freshly expelled from the flora we sweep through. And we love the idea of running to a lookout over vast landscapes that takes the little breath we have left, away. We love the idea of the act of running being a journey, physical, mental and geographical. Hell, if it's your thing, throw in spiritual. We'll bring the incense.

BUT, what we also love are the finer things in life. And we believe that a good hurtin' session during the day should be rewarded with a good session of luxe at night.

Food. It's important. It should be better than good. It needs to fuel the next day's run, sure, but it also needs to fire the senses. Without putting too finer point on it, it should make you drool. We want the final kilometres of your day's run to be stepped out in anticipation of what culinary treat we have lined up for you.

Yes, even alcoholic. It should be fine, fresh and flavorsome whatever your tipple. Smoothie (fresh fruit). Latte (strong or piccolo). Wine (make ours a shiraz of cab sav, but we'll pack whatever you please). 

Comfy. Be it a cabin, a luxe wilderness hotel, or sometimes we'll be forced by location to tent it up... but damn that tent will be well set up before you run into camp, and it WILL have comfort written all over it.

Yes, welcome to the world of luxe adventure running. Where singletrack meets the sublime.

Tour de Trails runs scheduled and non scheduled itineraries.

are those that have a set date. Off you go.

are great ideas (we think) that have been planned, but we require a set number of people to head out into the wilds. Let us know if you like the sound of one, and if you and a few others can rustle the numbers,
then we'll make it happen.

can be arranged. That is, tell us what you have in mind, no matter how wild the idea. Or if you just want some suggestions, let us know a region in the world and we'll sort something creative and fantastic for you. It doesn't matter about numbers - we'll price up a tour for you based on one, ten or twenty.

While multiday luxe trail runs are at our core, Tour de Trails, does dabble in backcountry MTB tours, the odd event, and corporate functions/outings that involve adventure.
Talk to us.